Free Desktop Organizer, Free Screen Saver, Free Desktop Background, Free Desktop WallpaperThe Ultimate Free Desktop Organizer - A Screen Saver and Desktop Wallpaper With Purpose!

After I got my first computer I quickly discovered that I could put all sorts of shortcuts, folders and files on my desktop. Being the “Post-it note” kind of guy who likes to see everything in front of his face, my desktop clutter quickly grew out of control. To satisfy my tendencies to place things all over my desktop, and yet also maintain some semblance of order, I created The Ultimate Desktop Organizer Screen Saver Wallpaper. The desktop organizer is a screen saver (background image - wallpaper) that provides graphical shape abstractions so you can easily organize your icons, shortcuts and files in related groups. This desktop organizer is not interactive or a piece of software. Think of it like a chess board or a Monopoly game board. You use the patterns on the board (desktop wallpaper) to help you organize your pieces (icons, shortcuts, files, etc). My friends and clients were always impressed when they saw my desktop organizer and I thought why not create a few more, in different styles, post them on the Web, and see what happens. Enjoy these Free Desktop Organizer Screen Savers. Designed by me...Clay Butler.

Set as Desktop Wallpaper/Background Instructions

1. Double-click the appropriate image below. Wait for the desktop organizer to download in a new browser window. Right-click large image and choose "Set as Background" for IE or "Set as Wallpaper" for Firefox.


When you've downloaded the larger image you can also choose "Save Picture As" in IE or "Save Image As" in Firefox to save to your hard drive or drag and drop the image into a folder of your choice for later use.

Rustech - Midwest Rust Belt flair with a touch of Sci-fi. Detroit meets the Matrix. This is the one I use at home. (650kb)

Stoned Woody - Folksy down-home goodness with a touch of old world charm. (650kb)
River Rockin’ the Night Away - Kind of rugged and outdoorsy. Don't slip! (650kb) Flower Power - Soft and pretty. Strong enough for a man yet made for a woman. (650kb)
Rock-On! - Specially designed for guitar players yet appropriate for any musician or music fan. (650kb) Blinded by the Light - Kind of retro futuristic. There's a man on the wing of this plane! (650kb)
Crackle - Still not sure what this one is all about. (650kb) Marbelizer - Old school elegance with a contemporary touch. (650kb)

Totally Rocks - Rocks, rock walls, holes in rocks. It's totally rocks dude! "Everybody must get stoned!" - Bob Dylan (650kb)

The Technocrat - Ooooh, so modern!
A Nice "Big Brother / Artificial Intelligence" type feel. Watch out for those killer robots! (650kb)

The Minority Report - See the future, solve crimes, recover deleted files, track down spammers...yes, it's that amazing! (650kb)

Come Sail Away - Ahoy ye scurvy dawgs! Just stare at the screen, fantasize... and start on your pirate's checklist! (650kb)
Scribblicious - It's Back to School Days...everyday! Perfect for the techno savy Luddite in us all. (650kb) Guitarded - "Aund she's bah-eing that heh-vehon " - Robert Plant (650kb)
Corporate Structure - Slick, streamlined, yet with a touch of techno flair. Grid format for maximum space optimization. (650kb) A Hairy Situation - Primitive chic!...100% synthetic fur. Vegan and cruelty free! (650kb)


Free Desktop Organizer, Free Screen Saver, Free Desktop Background, Free Desktop Wallpaper

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