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Yes, I'm the Clay Butler behind Canna Cola

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Clay Butler is the creator of the weekly alternative political comic strip "Sidewalk Bubblegum," co-founder of Claytowne Productions documentary video production company and creator of the online PC Technology humor magazine Pctyrant (an oldie but a goodie) . A darn good illustrator, cartoonist, graphic designer, web designer, concert photographer and writer, Clay has been working professionally since 1984.

Oh, and quick transition to first person for a mention of my band Abnormal Growth. We recorded four albums from 1988 to 1991. You can find all the albums available for FREE download at our website. Warning: Our silly songs range from raunchy juvenile slapstick fun to adult social and political satire.

Other Stuff I Do

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My partner is an amazing organizer - Rose Organizing Santa Cruz Home Organizer - Office Organizing Too!

Cartin has saved my butt more than once when my computer was going insane. Check him out at Carlin IT - PC Computer Support and IT Services for Santa Cruz County

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Phone: 831-566-3046
Address: 4300 Soquel Dr #229, Soquel, CA 95073


The Ultimate Free Desktop Organizer - A Screen Saver and Desktop Wallpaper With Purpose!

After I got my first computer I quickly discovered that I could put all sorts of shortcuts, folders and files on my desktop. Being the “Post-it note” kind of guy who likes to see everything in front of his face, my desktop clutter quickly grew out of control. To satisfy my tendencies to place things all over my desktop and yet also maintain some semblance of order I created a desktop organizer.


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